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Some things are best when they’re tailor-made. Social media strategy is one of them.

There’s a time and a place for sophistication – and there’s a time and a place for a classic, get-’er-done old favourite. 
Sometimes it’s combining the unexpected that gets the best results. 
Actually – that’s how Bywood Media was born. 

At Bywood Media, strategy is like a fresh, new path to a familiar street. 

As an elementary school teacher for more than 15 years, I was feeling stuck, uninspired, and like there was so much more to discover. And I tried a lot of different predictable avenues we were taught about back in the day. They just left me feeling even more lost – if only I could see beyond the conventional.

Staring at my old high school inspiration board – magazine cutouts and ’90s-style editorial mock-ups began to gel with my love of all things digital and social. 
The reveal? A whole new career opportunity I’d never anticipated. 

*Cue Let The River Run*

All my loves collided together at once – teaching and coaching, storytelling, creating conversation, and sharing innovative, lifestyle brands to folks I knew would flip for them.
And I could do it all with my faaavourite social tools, working hand-in-hand with the kind of business owners I adore most: busy, hard-working moms who, like me, are doing it all – family, career, a creative outlet, and making a contribution.


Slow mornings, time in the city, good skincare, Spotify, local cafe's and really great magazines.

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Based in Toronto, Robyn helps businesses and individuals to grow their digital media presence across multiple platforms with content customized to your business or project.

LOVES: quality skincare, friendly people, dogs, poptarts, bags, naps, coffee, sunshine. 

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Slow mornings, any good beach, SPF always, good skincare, Spotify, local cafess and really great bags.


Hustle culture, fake & mean people, long emails, bullsh*t, comparison, gossip, boring anything.

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